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You may have heard of, or even used, Rent The Runway for a dress to wear to a wedding or event… but did you know that for $159 a month you can literally wear a brand new outfit every week? Or have a new designer bag to wear for and then return it when you were done? Or even grab a brand new pair of high-end sunglasses for vacation?

It is an incredible service that allows you to constantly change up your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Oftentimes these pieces retail for $400+ and you would maybe wear them three times tops. With Rent The Runway’s Unlimited Plan you get to select four items to wear for as long as you would like for the month, you can swap them at anytime if you want new pieces (or you can purchase them at a discount!!), and then you just send them back. Shipping is free and they even dry clean them for you! Basically a revolving closet of designer goodies arriving at my door weekly!

Here’s a small selection of the some of my favorite pieces right now.

And here are the four items I just got in!

With a retail value over $1200 I definitely got my monies worth out of this shipment. And, truthfully, I’m usually over wearing most of my clothing after just a few times so this is the perfect way to keep my wardrobe consistently refreshed.

Get $30 off your first Rent the Runway order!

What do you think? Does this not sound like a dream?

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