The Best Work Bags

Being a lender I am frequently on the go visiting my realtor partners, taking client appointments and traveling to work conferences. Juggling a hectic work schedule plus two kids… I desperately need a bag that is versatile and can hold a lot! My laptop, folders filled with papers, mail, possibly my lunch and a spare-pair-of-heels, level of a lot.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect bag that can hold all of this and more. I did a lot of research based on my needs: room, durable shoulder straps, doubles as carry on for travel and of course style! This helped me narrow it down to three top choices.

The Ferragamo – To me this one was not quite big enough for what I needed but loved the classic look. I think it would a great choice if you do not frequently carry a laptop and are in need of a regular size purse. 

The YSL – This purse is absolutely gorgeous! Believe it or not it would fit a laptop snuggly and is roomy. I was very torn whether or not to keep it but ultimately decided against it because it is an investment piece and something I felt uncomfortable buying knowing the daily wear and tear. In my opinion, a better investment would be the smaller version for a nighttime bag and it would last forever! 

The Gucci Shopper – I was happily surprised that is was as oversized as it was! It added appeal to the already beautiful retro look. It has a ton of space for a laptop, files, a light sweater and flats or flip flops, perfect for work and travel! It also came with a wristlet which I love! I leave the essentials in it. I can quickly access it and wear alone when just running in somewhere. This bag was also moderately priced for a luxury bag.

You guessed it, the Gucci was the winner! Do you have a go to work bag? Comment below with your favorite!

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