Denim Trends to Embrace for Fall

While a good pair of dark skinny jeans are an easy go-to I’ve recently been experimenting with different styles and washes of denim, and I have to tell you… I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much going outside of my denim realm of comfort has transformed my wardrobe. My older, mostly-ignored tops that lived in the back of my closet have new life and I’m styling things in a way that feels fresh. I also love how the new denim trends are flattering on all body types! Which style are you loving most for fall?

Ultra-flattering, sucks in everything you need to and also gives you kind of a curve… the high rise is great for styling with fitted tees or tucked in blouses. If they are a skinny high rise try and pair with something that has more structure or an oversized piece to balance out the slim fit!

I find that this style works best with a very feminine top; think silk cami or floral blouse… and always style with heels. You’ve got to “dress up” the boyfriend look to avoid looking too casual.

A good denim jacket is a staple for a reason. It’s easier to pair this look over a dress or with black jeans… the denim on denim look can be intimidating but this way of styling you can avoid it completely and just piece it as a way to dress down a more formal or business look.

This has to be the fall trend I am most excited about. Never did I think I would see the day the flare jean made a comeback, but I am beyond pumped about this look. Especially styled with booties in the fall.

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