10 Musts for Your Trip to Italy

1. Get a Driver!

A driver is an absolute must! We used Zanetti Tours (this was our second time using them) and we had a mother and son team named Lilly and Marco. They made our trip feel completely effortless and we feel like they are now apart of our family.

2. Explore Ravello

Our absolute favorite town was Ravello which is about 15 miles from the Almafi Coast! Be sure to explore the town centre and not just the gorgeous coast. I could have walked around and explored for days!

3. Villa Cimbrone

You absolutely must check out Villa Cimbrone.  It is an old castle in Ravello that has been converted into a hotel — the grounds and gardens are stunning! Wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a LOT of walking!

4. See the pastel houses of Positano

Positano also had beautiful linens — but the breathtaking scenery was a must to take in (and made for an epic photo op).

5. Explore the grottos of Capri

Take a boat tour into Grotta dello Smeraldo Cave and explore the grottos of Capri. It was so romantic! Also, Capri was home to one of the best luxury shopping experiences I’ve ever experienced so don’t forget to schedule some shopping time.

6. Dine at Salvatore in Ravello

Amazing views and dining experience! It was so good that I wanted to go back the following night!

7. Check out the handpainted pottery in Ceramiche D’Arte

Each beautiful piece at Ceramiche D’Arte is hand-painted and inspired from places in Italy or personal memories. Definitely put this on your Italian checklist.

8. Top each night off with some limoncello! 

Apparently Limoncello is the official drink of souther Italy because we were offered it after every meal — it became a nightly tradition and I wish we could make that a thing here in South Carolina.

9. Enjoy amazing wines for under $20

I had no clue that incredible wines were going to be so affordable! And apparently they filter out all the sugar and even though I drank my fair share, I never got a headache!! Reason enough to vacation on the Italian coast!

10. Watch the fishing fleets at Cetara

This fishing town has one of the biggest fleets in the Mediterranean! There were tons of yummy places to eat on their main street too!

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