Designer Bags to Invest In

Bags, denim, and shoes… those are the pieces I invest in when adding to my wardrobe. I never feel guilty about a great bag because it’s a timeless investment. Spending $300 on a dress I’m going to wear to a wedding once is NEVER worth it, but spending on a designer handbag I’m going to have my entire life always is. I love mixing high and low pieces and styling any outfit with an amazing bag is a forever winning combo!

Side note: a great pair of jeans will change your life.

This is my go-to work bag. For all-intensive purposes it is a very stylish briefcase, but I have used it every day since I purchased it and it’s a great neutral that works with any season our outfit.

A timeless cognac bag that is great for an every day casual look. The absolute perfect size and color.

This bag is a steal. All the feel of a super high-end luxurious brand — with a classic clean look and hardware, this a great not-so-splurgy purchase that you can feel guilt-free about.

One of my favorite neutral bags I don’t think you can go wrong with this staple in any color.

A mid-level bag that is sure to attract compliments — this is by far my favorite winter purse!

I didn’t think I would use this bag quite as much as I do but it is the perfect size and the quality is incredible. I highly recommend this one!


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