5 Things I Learned This Week About Working From Home

I’m a worker, it’s just who I am. I love getting up early, going to the gym and heading off to the office. This past week I, like millions of other working moms, have had to shift our boss babe mentality from the office… to the home. While this is not by any means an easy switch, here are a few things I learned from my first week of being a “stay at home working mom.”

Try and stick to a routine as much as possible. I’m used to getting up extra early, before my family, heading to the gym and then having us all start the day together. I haven’t been to the gym but I have been up and running circles in my neighborhood, doing workouts in my garage and fueling that healthy habit that I’ve spent so many years doing.

Get dressed in the morning. Yes, that means full-on hair, makeup, and work clothes. I did not implement this my first day at home and I found such a huge decrease in my productivity. If you’re dressed in lounge, you’ll lounge. If you’re dressed for work, you’ll work.

Utilize Zoom calls. I cannot tell you how many meetings I have had via Zoom this week. It’s such a great way to stay connected, transmit information quickly and come up with a gameplan without having to be in a physical meeting.

Coffee. Don’t beat yourself up on having an extra cup of coffee. Not leaving your house AND trying to homeschool your kids requires using all resources and if that involves coffee (or wine around 4pm) you’ve got to do what it takes to survive!

A makeshift office. Find a good spot in your home where you can keep your eye on your kids, but make sure it’s not in a high traffic area like the kitchen. I made that mistake day one and I was constantly getting unnecessarily distracted simply because so many people were in and out of the kitchen throughout the day.

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