A Family-Friendly Catamaran Trip to the Virgin Islands

This was our fourth trip to the Virgin Islands, but the first time going with our kids. They are 9 and 11 and it was the perfect age for this getaway. A lot of quality time together as a family and quite an adventure!

We went to the US side of the Virgin Islands for this trip (around St. John) and it was very family-friendly. We got to experience the beauty of the islands and also hit up some great snorkel sights. We have done the British side for previous trips so it was nice to experience other islands!

The British side definitely has more beach bars and options if you want to adventure out for drinks and want more of a party scene. Both are equally stunning!

This was the second charter we booked through Michelle Heyns with Epic Yacht Charters and we have been highly impressed with her service! Tabula Rasa was our home for the week and Captain Michael and Chef Brittany took great care of us! The best part for the parents is a week off of cooking… You don’t have to lift a finger! They provide all meals and beverages at an elevated level. We are foodies and have had some of our best meals ever on board. Bonus: they also make delicious kid and adult-friendly cocktails.

There is no need to pack a ton either. Seriously, you will live in bathing suits and a cover-up! I packed a few easy dresses, just in case but definitely this was one of my lightest-packing I’ve ever done for a trip. Leave the makeup, hairdryer, and multiple changes of shoes at home! A good pair of flip flops and tennis shoes if you want to do some hiking is all you need. I packed all my stuff in one duffel bag and that is saying a lot for me!

We started each morning early with the gorgeous sunrise followed by a delicious breakfast by Chef Brittany. Each day varied a little but we would have a swim and snorkel and then travel to the next spot to anchor up. From there another slice of paradise awaited us. There was some amazing snorkeling spots!

Another major perk about the US side of the Virgin Islands was the isolated beaches. We felt like we were on a deserted island! We played beach games and looked for sea glass and just enjoyed the quality time. In the afternoon Captain Mike would get out some of the water toys such as tubing and the subwing. The kids loved it! My son’s favorite was diving off the bow of the boat, something so simple yet exhilarating for all ages! At night we would watch the sunset over happy hour and appetizers while the kids swam.

After a full day of sun and fun bedtime was early for us! We topped the day off with yet another delicious meal followed by family games. Then wake up and do it all again!!

It is honestly my favorite vacation I have ever taken. I recommend it for both families and couples. It is tighter quarters so my only advice is to make sure everyone travels well together if you do two families or couples. The water is completely flat so seasickness is not a concern at all. With the kids, we did spend one night at a hotel after we got off the catamaran to reacclimate which was very nice and eased us back into reality.

This is truly a vacation that you will treasure for a lifetime!


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