How to Give Locally This Holiday Season

Want to make this Christmas special? Give back! With the countdown to Christmas here, it’s a time for celebration and giving. Here are a few ways you can volunteer your services this holiday season in our local Myrtle Beach community:

The Community Kitchen

A local food charity that feels the hungry 52 weeks out of the year (not just during the Holidays) and can always use a food donation! If you can’t stop by and drop off food they also take PayPal donations!

Be an angel

Be an angel and gift a child with something off of their holiday wishlist that otherwise might have very little under their tree. Grab a wishlist off of an angel tree and make the Christmas morning of children in our area!

Write a love letter

The holidays can be a rough time of year for some people and The World Needs More Love Letters sends out letters of encouragement to people that need a boost, are going through a difficult transition, or may feel extra alone. This is an easy way to donate your time and make an impact on a stranger.

Participate in a canned food drive

You know that cart at the grocery store collecting food? Just say yes, even a few cans can make a small impact.

Donate your clothes

Warm coats warm hearts drive collects your winter coats and distributes them to those in need. As the temperatures are dropping this year do a quick scan through your closet and see if there’s a coat or two you may no longer need that could benefit someone greatly!

Love on some animals

Your furry friends need love too. Animal shelters are always in need of extra food! And if you can’t take an animal home you can at least love on one for a few hours!

Random act of kindness

I just heard about the most fun tradition – and I can’t wait to start it! Head out for breakfast with a large group of friends, each person bringing $100. One person in the group pays for everyone’s breakfast and then all the $100’s goes to the tip! If you have a group of 10 that’s a $900 tip! What a great way make someone’s holiday!!

Help a neighbor

This may not count as “volunteering” sometimes your next-door neighbor might just need a little help. Even taking the trashcan to the road for an elderly neighbor or seeing if they need help decorating their tree can change someone’s day.

Pay it forward

Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru. If you’ve ever had this done for you it REALLY makes your day and who knows what kind of love and goodness can be sparked from a free cup of coffee!

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