Thinking about Relocating? 10 Reasons to Move to Myrtle Beach

Do you want to live in a beautiful coastal city with an abundance of water activities, entertainment, and culture? If so, Myrtle Beach is the place for you! We are a family-friendly destination that offers something for everyone. With our mild winters and warm summers, it’s easy to see why people from all over the world call this their home. When it comes to picking a location, most people consider things like climate, culture and cost of living. But there are many other factors that may make Myrtle Beach the perfect place for your next home. Here are 10 reasons why you should relocate to Myrtle Beach!

  1. The Weather is Fantastic– There’s no such thing as bad weather in Myrtle Beach. You can find sunshine year-round with an average temperature of 81 degrees!
  2. Wide Variety Of Activities To Enjoy – With its beautiful beaches and golf courses, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy all year long when you live here.
  3. Tons Of Events And Festivals – It’s not just about relaxing all day at the beach, we have an array of world-class entertainment and festivals to choose from throughout the year!
  4. The Low Cost Of Living – The weather is warm, the people are friendly and there’s always something to do! The low cost of living in Myrtle Beach means you can afford an amazing home with a view. With the median home price under $250,000 there really is a piece of paradise for everyone!
  5. The Views – From one end of the beach to another, you’ll find all sorts of things that will take your breath away. There are plenty more beautiful views in Myrtle Beach than just those by the ocean… From an amazing view at sunset near Calabash Cove and a visit to family-friendly Myrtle Beach State Park with picnic areas or fishing pier, it’s certain we have something for everyone on this list.
  6. The Food – As a coastal town, Myrtle Beach is bursting with seafood. You can find all the classics like shrimp and crab cakes as well as something new. From seafood to chains and even small local favorites, there’s always an opportunity for you to try some of this city’s best tastes at any given time!
  7. It’s Family-Friendly – Myrtle Beach is a great place for families to live. With its beautiful beaches and various entertainment options, it makes an ideal destination! Myrtle beach has something on offer no matter what your age or interest may be: surfing? Check. Mini golfing? Got that too! You’ll have the time of you life living in this picturesque seaside town!
  8. It Has That Small Town Feel – Even with all of its great amenities Myrtle Beach is perfect for anyone looking for that small-town feel. The new residents will love having more space than they might be used to while still being less than an hour away from Charleston or other nearby cities like Greenville.
  9. The People – Myrtle Beach has the friendliest people, with a state slogan that reads “Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places.” That definitely sets the tone for this town filled with southern hospitality. There’s no shortage of smiling faces or beautiful scenery here.
  10. The Beach – And this may be the number one reason to live in Myrtle Beach. The sandy beach, the warm water. The salty scent of ocean air in your hair and clothes. You just can’t beat our gorgeous stretch of the Atlantic Ocean.

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